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Which IYT Course is right for you?

The majority of students only need to decide on whether they want to take Sailing or Powerboat Courses. Once you have answered this question go to Sailing or Powerboat page and see where you fit it.

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Why Choose IYT & Club Sail Tenerife?

As an IYT Worldwide partner school our candidates will benefit from access to the best yacht training program in the world, with courses designed to meet the training needs from entry-level novice to fully qualified professional yacht captain.

Whether you are a novice sailor just out to have fun on the water or want to work in the superyacht industry, we can help you do it better and safer. IYT is the most internationally accredited global leader and trusted standard of excellence in yacht training, maritime certification, safety, knowledge and sailing adventures.

The company certifies more boating courses with more government approvals through more schools, in more countries and in more languages than any other boating organisation in the world. IYT has achieved the highest level of internationally recognised and sanctioned best practices (ISO 9001:2008) certification through BSI, British Standards Institute.

No other yacht certification authority is as international recognised
No other yachting company offers such a diverse range of courses
Every IYT (COC) course requires a practical on-the-water examination
No other national yachting marine certification authority has a recognised ISO quality management system
No other organisation offers its courses in multiple different languages
No other yachting organisation has been built by professional mariner
No other yachting company offers high security certificates with QR code, hologram, photograph and signature strip
No other yachting organisation offers its approved instructors & examiners the opportunity to work in 56 different countries
IYT has been built on a “can do” attitude where nothing is too much trouble and every opportunity is explored
IYT has developed a modular format in maritime training to offer a series of recreational nautical courses that are accepted by major national registries and governments. We refer to this series of courses as the "International Boating & Sailing Passport."