Save VAT on purchase price (GBP £ 20,000 on £ 100,000 yacht)
Income to offset costs or even better
Yacht professionally looked after in your absence
Convenience of vessel being prepared for your use
Use of your Yacht all year round in the Sun


What is it?
This is where you provide a Sailing Yacht for commercial use such as Charter.  It can be likened to us running your Charter Business but without the hassle of you having to advertise, deal with bookings, prepare the boat for use, carry out a handover at the start and end of commercial use and prepare accounts.  For our services we take a percentage of the income that we generate for you. This income can greatly offset the costs of owning a boat or even provide a return on investment.  The normal annual costs associated with boat ownership, other than the purchase costs are Mooring Fees, Insurance, Engine Servicing, Annual lift-out for anti-fouling and hull polishing as well as changing of sacrificial anodes. 

Tax Advantages

There can be Tax  Advantages to providing a yacht for commercial use, especially to a place such as Tenerife which is outside of Europe for the purposes of taxation. You can purchase the vessel excluding VAT if it is to be used commercially and in some cases you may be able to re-claim VAT on a recently purchased vessel.  You should consult your  local Tax Authority for up-to-date information.  It is a general rule that you must pay VAT somewhere, so when importing a foreign flagged vessel into the Canaries you will need to pay VAT but at a much lower amount than say UK or Germany. There are also special rules allowing importation completely tax free as long as certain conditions are met.  You may also be able to offset the purchase and ongoing costs of owning a commercial vessel against other income.  You should take advice from your Tax Consultant about this.

If you would like more information, send details of your yacht (sail or power) to:


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Buying a Sailing Yacht, or just bought one? 
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