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What is Charter?

It is Boat Hire, where you hire a yacht or boat from the Owner or Company managing the vessel. There are normally two types of boat hire:
This is where a suitably qualified Skipper hires the vessel for a period of time.  The vessel is handed over to the Skipper fully fuelled and prepared for use.  There is a "handover procedure" when all equipment and the condition of the vessel is checked, if satisfied, the Skipper signs for the vessel.  A Security Deposit is taken in case there is uninsured damage to the vessel, loss of equipment or the vessel is not refueled. We normally take this deposit on a credit card. From that time on, until "hand back" the Skipper is responsible for the vessel, and what happens on board, in exactly the same way as if he were on his own boat.  At the end of the hire period, the vessel is handed back and we, as the  Hiring Company check the inventory, condition of the vessel and whether it has been refueled.  In the event there is damage to the vessel, loss of equipment or it has not been refueled, the cost is taken from the Security Deposit, the balance being returned to the Charterer.  In extreme cases, where the costs are unknown, the Security Deposit may be retained until the actual costs are known.  This is very similar to what happens when there is a similar situation on am Own boat, the Skipper or Owner pays for replacement equipment, repair of damage or fuel.
This is where the vessel is where boat hire is with a Skipper in charge. Normally there is no need for a Security Deposit and the Skipper will complete the handover & handback on your behalf.  You are still required to pay for any losses and for fuel used during the hire, a fuel deposit may be taken.
Hire Periods
Sailing yachts are normally hired for periods of 1 days minimum on Bareboat, whereas "Skippered" can be for a Half Day or Full Day.  
Powerboats & Fishing Boats are hired by the Day or Half Day.


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