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We are a small family business that cares about your individual needs. We have the experience to provide the expert tuition you require to keep you safe whilst boating for pleasure with your family or commercially as a professional Skipper.


  • Established in 1987
  • First RYA Sailing School recognized abroad and now we operate under the Banner of IYT - International Yacht Training.
  • Under the IYT Banner, we can now offer Qualifications to all Nationalities, including the ICC!
  • All courses are run by experienced Instuctor Trainers who also train Instructors for other IYT Schools.
  • We can also provide Bareboat or Skippered Charter
  • Tranquil Holiday Accommodation available.

Our Brokerage offers New and Pre-Owned Boats for sale, so not only can we arrange the purchase of your boat, we can register it and train you to use it safely.  If you wish, we can maintain your boat and look after it in your absence.  We can evan manage the vessel under our Charter Yacht Management Program in order that you have an Income to offset the costs of owning the vessel.

We have two locations in the south of the island. Practical Sailing Courses are run from Los Gigantes Marina and our fully fitted Classroom is located at Vera de Erques.  This is in the mountains above San Juan, a tranquil location ideal for the purpose and with spectacular views over the islands. 

Contact David: or Tel: (+34) 648 844 307

About Us

David Williams


Our School Principal is David Williams who joined the family business straight from school in 1989.  He initially learnt the maintenance side of the business whilst attending the Marine Builders Training Trust in Southampton.  Over the years he gained in experience and apart from periods serving Queen & Country has stayed with the family business. As Principal he ensures that all Recreational & Professional Courses are run to the highest standards, irrespective of the language in which they are being run. David is qualified to teach at all levels of the IYT Worldwide Recreational & Professional Program, to Examine Candidates and to train IYT Instructors.


In the Beginning

Club Sail Sea School, a family run business, was founded in 1987 by John Williams an experienced Yachtmaster Ocean / Master of Yachts 200 Unlimited, who has now been continually training Skippers at all levels for more than 28years.  We opened a base on Tenerife in 1988 and for the first 26 years, the school was an RYA Recognized Training Establishment and the first RYA School to be permitted to operate abroad.  Although initially Club  Sail was a Sailing School, in the early 90’s we included Motor Yachting and Power-boating offering courses at all levels in all three disciplines.


And then there was IYT

One of the benefits of operating a boating school on Tenerife is that it is an International Community of Ex-Pats as well as tourists, who also require boating qualifications, in particular the International Certificate of Competence (ICC).  Unfortunately, at that time, the RYA system did not fully cater for the International Community here, as the ICC from the RYA could only be issued to persons of British Nationality or residing in the UK and courses had to be delivered in the English language.  As a National sailing association, the RYA system just did not fit the needs of an International Community; we therefore turned to International Yacht Training Worldwide, a global leader in marine certification.  IYT is based in Canada and Club Sail became a Partner School in 2012. 


International Yacht Training Worldwide

International Yacht Training Worldwide (IYT) provides the most boating and sailing courses through more sailing schools than any other accreditation body. With 150 partner schools in 41 countries, IYT courses are available in 6 different languages. IYT has the most government approvals and operates in more countries and in more languages than any other boating or sailing organisation in the world. No other organisation offers such a diverse range of nautical training or is as internationally accepted as IYT Worldwide. IYT professional yachting courses are recognised by 25 different governments worldwide for commercial use including the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). With the IYT commitment to standards of excellence, hands on practical training, and quality instruction, IYT Worldwide is the world's number one choice for nautical training. 


Tenerife is an amazing place for Boating, we have all year round Sunshine, Dolphins, Pilot Whales & Turtles. Even in the depths of winter we have sunshine, blue skys and blue seas.  There are islands to visit, mountains to climb, volcanos to see and the weather is superb all year round. The Canaries are known as the Fortunate Islands, with an all year round sub-tropical or temperate climate depending on where you visit.


Once you have your IYT Worldwide qualification, Charter a Sailing Yacht or Powerboat and explore the secluded bays and coves of the southern coastline. Anchoring in sandy bays whilst enjoying a pic-nic, swimming and sun bathing. What an experience!


Apart from the beautiful coastline, we have forests and mountains including Mount Teide, Spain´s highest mountain.  In the early part of the year we normally have snow on the peak of Teide, sometimes a little lower down. It is then possible to have a snowball fight in the morning and spend the afternoon sunbathing in a secluded bay.


We have a Holiday Cottage available with stunning views, ideal as your Base whilst you take a IYT Worldwide Course.  Your family can either join in, sunbathe by the Pool or explore the island.

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